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Watch the "Street Violence" VIDEO on Noisey. Download this story/album by clicking here.

In the not too distant future...

J, a journalist, watches as fascism begins to creep over the city, but can't do anything to stop it. Anger and rage are encouraged by politicians seeking to solidify their power, and police turn a blind eye to gang activity. The streets are no longer safe as the gangs become increasingly armed and emboldened. But then one gang's plan to upset the balance of power goes terribly awry, and brings about a zombie outbreak. There are mass casualties, including J's wife, and society breaks down.

The city is quarantined from the rest of the world, not nuked, but to be contained and forgotten. The gangs become the power, rule the City of the Dead, and extort anything they want from the helpless. Innocents continually suffer at the hands of zombies and gangs. J is forced to fall back on his previous life as a synthpop musician, and convinces the largest of the gangs to protect him in exchange for John Carpenter soundtracks of their nefarious activities. He becomes a witness and chronicler of the City of the Dead, and a cynical survivor who kills when forced to.

But he remains torn by guilt, that he should have been a greater man, that somehow he could have prevented all this. That maybe he can still turn it around. How will it all end? What kind of life will he manage to find for himself IN THE CITY OF THE DEAD?

Table of Contents:

Prologue: In the City of the Dead - on 20jazzfunkgreats
1. Get Angry - on Dummy
2. Street Violence - on We All Want Someone to Shout For
3. What You Got - on Listen Before You Buy
4. Good Morning - on Silent Shout
5. Where I Found You - on Prefix
6. Do What It Takes - on No Fear of Pop
7. I'll Play For You - on Exclaim
8. Walking With The Dead - on Bad Panda Records
9. Stasis - on Stadiums & Shrines
10. Don't Look Back - on Quick Before It Melts
11. Nowhere to Hide - on The 405
12. Going Home - on My Old Kentucky Blog
Epilogue: The Survivor - on 20jazzfunkgreats

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