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Free download: Shake Your Body Down


IMPORTANT: For those of you who love owning physical copies, Shake Your Body Down is available from Pleasence Records on a hyper-limited cassette run. Order one now before it's too late.

Cover art and music video direction of "Shake Your Body Down" by Andrew Olivares. "Keeping Secrets" music video directed by D-Mo Prod. Doomsquad and Pick a Piper are awesome and you need to check them out. "Sin Delays" was co-produced by Valerie Dour and his music is spectacular too. Also thanks to Lesley from Bad Passion for letting me put a couple of our new tracks on this tape.

Special Thanks: Dan Miller, Seth Mendelson, Kathy Moretton, No Breakup, Terri Rodak, Jenal Dolson, Lesley Davies, Roxanne Ignatius, Jeremy Greenspan, Balla, Ark Analog, Doomsquad, Basia Bulat, the "Say Goodbye" video cast + crew, and my family.

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